Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That's Entertainment!

We provided an advance copy of How i Made the World to Ken Carson, manager of comics retailer That's Entertainment in Worcester, MA, who says, "'HiMtW' is a wonderfully crafted, personal story in the fine indy tradition of Tomine and Los Bros. Hernandez."

He goes on to note that "Writer Liz Plourde richly evokes the anxiety and restless doubts I imagine every college student feels. The particulars of the protagonist's surroundings, dreams and thoughts are amusingly odd and convincing. As she buckles under the monstrous weight of a finals project, there's a journey through night that ends in epiphany.

"Randy Michaels' art is also a revelation--clever layouts, clean and energetic lines, and expert spotting of blacks. His expressive art supports and deepens the characters and themes. Excellent, rewarding fun!"

Sounds like he liked it!